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Cluster & VPC Teardown

On the private registry Konductor Container

  1. Exec into container
     sudo podman exec -it konductor bash
  2. Change dir into Terraform Directory
     cd /root/platform/iac/shaman
  3. Patch masters to make scheduleable
    oc patch cluster -p '{"spec":{"mastersSchedulable":true}}' --type=merge
  4. Delete machinesets & wait for worker nodes to terminate
    for i in $(oc get machinesets -A | awk '/machine-api/{print $2}'); do oc delete machineset $i -n openshift-machine-api; echo deleted $i; done
  5. Delete service router & wait for it to terminate
    oc delete service router-default -n openshift-ingress &
  6. Exec control plane breakdown playbook
     chmod +x ./breakdown.yml && ./breakdown.yml

On your devkit-vpc controller

  1. change dir into devkit-vpc directory
  2. exec breakdown script