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Once the sparta-utiltiy.tar.gz and the ocp-images.tar have been moved to the airgapped box they will need to be unpacked and utility container


  • RHEL 8 base image
  • Podman


Step 1: Create the utility directory. Mirror-registry requires root privileges to run.

sudo mkdir -p /root/utility

Step 2: unpack the packages to the utility directory

sudo tar -xvf sparta-utility.tar.gz -C /root/utility

Step 3: Move the ocp-images.tar to the utility directory

sudo mv ocp-images.tar /root/

Step 5: This script creates an SSH keypair and adds the public to the authorized_keys file of the host.

cd /root/utility/sparta2 && bash

Step 5: load the utility container onto the localhost

sudo podman load -i /root/utility/tar-bundles/utility.tar

Step 6: Modify the ansible inventory by changing IPADDR to the localhost IP

vi /root/utility/sparta2/inventory

Step 7: Modify vars to setup the mirror-registry

vi /root/utility/sparta2/vars/registry.yml

Step 8: Start utility container

bash cd /root/utility/sparta2

Step 9: Run ansible playbooks

ansible-playbook mirror-registry.yml
ansible-playbook oc-mirror.yml
ansible-playbook cert-dir.yml
ansible-playbook ocp-build-config.yml