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utility container Overview

The utility container is the successor to the Konductor project. The container is a user friendly Red Hat UBI8 based Infrastructure-As-Code (IaC) development & deployment runtime which includes multiple cloud provider tools & DevOps deployment utilities. The utility container exists to deploy out the following containerized services in a disconnected environment by utilizing podman.


The build container is meant to run with the latest OpenShift packages and latest Ansible core versions. To modify OpenShift version packages you modify the ARG OCP_LIST in the Dockerfile to point to your specific mirror tar.gz files.


  • Ansible
  • Openshift-installer
  • OC command line
  • kubectl
  • oc-mirror
  • mirror-registry
  • awscli

Build container

On an Internet connected box to build the container.

sudo cd /root && git clone
cd utility/containers/utility
podman build -t utility .

Test or utilize the container

The commands below will start the container locally and allow the user execution into the container.

podman run -d -it --name utility localhost/utility:latest
podman exec -it utility /bin/bash