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Airgap Platform Delivery as Code

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Red Hat OpenShift Platform Delivery as Code

Sparta was created to solve the problem of delivering the Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Platform, along with an extensible middleware and application portfolio, within restricted deployment environments (e.g. behind an airgap).

The delivery design centers around the Koffer and Konductor automation runtime containers as pluggable artifact collection and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) delivery engines, which orchestrates the CloudCtl deployment services pod to augment cloud native features.

Supported Environments

  • Amazon AWS Commercial
  • Amazon AWS GovCloud
  • Amazon AWS C2S
  • Amazon AWS SC2S

Support Roadmap

  • Microsoft Azure Commercial
  • Microsoft Azure Gov
  • Bare Metal
  • VMware
  • Libvirt


This is an unofficial project maintained by a community of Red Hat Consultants
  • usrbinkat
  • hultzj
  • ducksauser
  • bgordon134
  • this-funk
  • enham
  • dlystra
  • anixon-rh
  • mtclemente
  • swarred

CodeSparta is distributed under the MIT license.