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Currently under development

AirGap Operator Hub Artifacts


This automation provides a unified and standardized tarball of artifacts for cloudctl services pod airgap operator deployment tasks.


Koffer Collector Operator Hub uses the Koffer Engine runtime container to enable streamlined low side capture of all required artifacts for deploying OpenShift Operator Hub. Primarily built to enable airgaped environments in a standard “registry < to > mirror” workflow model conventional to more typical connected local mirror techniques.


  • Low side injestion direct to “pre-hydrated” registry stateful path
  • High side sha256 verification of artifacts bundle before standup
  • High side artifacts served via generic docker registry container


0. Local run requirements

  • RHEL8, Fedora 33+, or CoreOS 3.6.8+
  • Packages:
  • podman 1.9+
  • fuse-overlayfs
  • A minimum of 32GB free storage
  • sudo privileges for nested container build support

1. Run Koffer with Remote Config

mkdir ${HOME}/bundle; \
sudo podman run -it --rm --pull always \
    --privileged --device /dev/fuse \
    --volume ${HOME}/bundle:/root/bundle:z \ bundle \

2. Check Bundle

 du -sh ${HOME}/bundle/koffer-bundle.operators-*.tar;

3. Unpack the bundle

  • Copy the bundle to the restricted side deployment node
  • NOTE: sha256sum checking requires correct paths & may take a while for large bundles
     cd ${HOME}/bundle;
     echo "$(cat koffer-bundle.operators-*.tar.sha256)" | sha256sum --check --status;
     sudo tar -xvf ${HOME}/bundle/koffer-bundle.operators-*.tar -C /root;

    4. Operators are ready to deploy via CloudCtl - Trusted Platform Delivery Kit

  • Modify the mainfests
    cd /root/platform/mirror/manifests/redhat-catalog-index-manifests
    sed -i 's/localhost/registry.$(vpc_name).$(name_domain)/g' *
  • Apply the mainfests
podman exec -it konductor connect
oc patch OperatorHub cluster --type json -p '[{"op": "add", "path": "/spec/disableAllDefaultSources", "value": true}]'

oc apply -f /root/platform/mirror/manifests/redhat-catalog-index-manifests/olm-icsp.yaml
oc apply -f /root/platform/mirror/manifests/redhat-catalog-index-manifests/rh-catalog-source.yaml