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OpenShift Infrastructure Deployment Artifacts

This automation provides a unified and standardized tarball of artifacts for airgap infrastructure deployment tasks. Included is the restricted environment delivery services CloudCtl pod & script.


  • High side sha256 verification of artifacts bundle before standup
  • High side artifact delivery via script to run cloudctl podman pod running:
    • Nginx for serving CoreOS Ignition files
    • Generic Docker Registry:2 for serving pre-hydrated image content
    • ContainerOne user automation deployment and development workspace
  • Bastion host support for CoreOS or any Podman capable distribution
  • Low side injestion direct to “pre-hydrated” registry stateful path


1. Run Infrastructure Collector with Koffer Engine

 mkdir -p /tmp/platform ; \
 sudo podman run \

2. Move Koffer Bundle to target host ${USER} directory

Developer Docs & Utils


bundle [Koffer]: