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Low-Side Artifact Bundle

Koffer Collector Plugins


  • ssh
  • ssh key pair


Run on local system

  1. Push AWS SSH keys to “low side” RHEL Bastion
      scp -i ~/.ssh/${keyname} ~/.ssh/${keyname}* ec2-user@${rhel_bastion_public_ip}:~/.ssh/
  2. SSH to the RHEL bastion
      ssh -i ~/.ssh/${keyname} ec2-user@${rhel_bastion_public_ip}

Run on “low side” public facing RHEL Bastion

  1. Ensure Podman is installed
     sudo dnf install -y podman
  2. Create Platform Artifacts Staging Directory
     mkdir -p $(pwd)/bundle ;
  3. Build Koffer Bundles for CloudCtl, OCP Platform Infra, and Sparta IaC
    podman run -it --rm --pull always \
        --volume ${HOME}/bundle:/root/bundle:z \ bundle \
  4. Paste Image Pull Secret when prompted
  5. Set Permissions on bundle(s)
      sudo chown -R $USER $(pwd)/bundle
  6. Review your artifacts
     du -sh $(pwd)/bundle/*

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