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OpenShift Disconnected Utility

Download your pull secret from the Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager.


  • Install podman to the localhost
  • If the container has not been built yet go to containers/utilty and build the conatiner with the instructions provided.

Creating an OCP conatiner image set

Modify the imageset-config.yaml file to include what you need for your install. The example below will pull all base images necessary for a first time installation of OpenShift. The user can use the oc-mirror utility to pull key operators when operating in an airgapped environment.

Utility container

The utility container contains all the tools necessary to successful pull RedHat Openshift operators for an airgapped installation. Run the following commands to create the ocp-images.tar The container must run as the root user for the containerized ansible environment to properly run.

# The quay script will create the $HOME/.docker/config.json file that is necessary for the openshift mirror to query the image repositories.

#The start script will create a running utility container with volumes mounted to the $HOME/utility and $HOME and .docker directories

# The init will prompt the user for the quay pull secret and then run the oc-mirror based on the imageset-config.yaml

#The bundle script will compile the utility conatainer along with the Sparta ansible roles and OCP utilities(oc, openshift-installer, oc-mirror & mirror registry) into a single tar file located at the tar-bundles directory

When the script is finished it generates a ocp-images.tar with the images from the specified image set.

There are 2 tar files to move to the airgapped environment in the following locations.


Running the script will stop and delete the running utility container