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Airgap Artifact Walk

Valid transport strategies include:

  • S3
  • SCP
  • Rsync
  • Physical media (e.g. DVD)


  • keyname your AWS SSH key pair for provisioning bastion and registry
  • rhcos_private_registry_node_ip your Red Hat CoreOS (RHCOS) registry node private IP

Run on “low side” public facing bastion

  1. Push artifact bundles to “high side” RHCOS private registry node
      rsync --progress -avzh bundle -e "ssh -i ~/.ssh/${keyname}" core@${rhcos_private_registry_node_ip}:~
  2. SSH to the “high side” RHCOS CloudCtl private deployment services node
      ssh -i ~/.ssh/${keyname} core@${rhcos_private_registry_node_ip}
  3. Extract bundles
     sudo tar xvf ${HOME}/bundle/koffer-bundle.sparta-*-*.tar -C /root

    Continue High-Side Deploy