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Amazon AWS Requirements

  1. Red Hat OpenShift Minimum Requirements
  2. User Provisioned AWS VPC Infrastructure
  3. Admin Privileged AWS account keys

User Provided Low-Side Unrestricted Prep Node

  1. Unsecured, public network artifact collection host
    • This host must meet the following requirements:
    • The following is recommended for the host:
      • RHEL 8: bare metal, cloud instance, or virtual machine
      • Valid host type examples: localhost, local vm, or cloud instance
      • Host Hardware Equivalent: t2.2xlarge (8 vCPU, 32GB RAM, 64GB Disk)

Red Hat Credentials

  1. A Quay pull secret is required for the registry, and can be found at the Red Hat UPI OpenShift Web Console.


Low-Side Artifact Bundle